Italy Independent School District

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All Italy Schools will be closed Feb 1st and 2nd for Flu Outbreak, Will Resume on Feb 6th.

District of Innovation Plan

August 2017 - July 2022


To view the entire plan use this link.  District of Innovation(PDF)
District of Innovation Committee
IISD Board Approved – March 6, 2017
Davee Garcia, Elementary Teacher Grades 3 - 5
April Mathers, Elementary Teacher Grades PreK - 2
Shelbi Simon, Secondary Teacher Grades 6 - 8
Andi Windham, Secondary Teacher Grades 9 - 12
Roger Ginnett, Community Member, Parent
Joe Jackson, Community Member, Grandparent
Lisa Jacinto, District PEIMS Coordinator
Natasha Blackburn, Director of Finance
Pamela Thomas, Elementary Principal
Eric Janszen, Secondary Principal
Lee Joffre, Superintendent