Vendor Information

Dear Vendor,

Thank you for your interest to do business with Italy ISD. This information Is intended to facilitate the identification of qualified vendors that desire to be considered for business opportunities with the Italy Independent School district, including products and services solicited through broth the general purchasing and competitive procurement processes.

To complete this process all applicable forms included herein must be fully completed:

1.Vendor Purchasing Guideline Consent Form

2.Vendor Application Form

3.Sole source Affidavit Form (If Applicable)

4.Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

5.Felony Conviction Notice Form

6. W-9 IRS Form

7.EFT Draft Form

Once this application is received and approved, your company will be added to our vendor list. Please be specific in listing the products and services your company offers. In order to remain on our vendor list, please respond to Annual Vendor Certification Requests. If such a response is not received, your company is subject to removal from the vendor's list. Annual Vendor Certification Requests will be sent out every June to July.
Please scan completed forms to Danette Dearing, ddearing@italyisd.org or drop them by central office. Invoices should be remitted to invoices@italyisd.org. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Melissa Gonzalez
Business Manager